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Design & Mfr. Special Machines & Automated Robotic Handling Systems. Integration Of High Technology To Existing Systems. Automated Materials Handling, Automated & Semi-Automated Assembling. Automated Gauging, Sorting & Weighing.

The Services We Provide:

    Engineering Services
    Assembly Machines
    Transfer Machines
    Special Machines
    Product Design
    System Design

    We are a staff of trained and experienced automation systems engineers and designers. Virtually all Sterling's robotic systems and automation equipment are designed and built at our plant, using proven standard components to meet your application requirements. Sterling's Total System Engineering philosophy embraces the concept of "simplified automation and robotics". Automation systems designed for the plastics and rubber industries include automatic extraction, inspection, degating and trimming, and simple parts assembly operations. Our engineering, design and development team works closely with a network of technically-oriented sales engineers across the U.S. and overseas to enable us to interface and respond quickly for: Analysis and evaluation of all aspects of existing processes, manufacturing equipment, dies and plant characteristics. Proposing a tailored automation or robotics automation or robotics system in an attractive cost-effective package to suit the parameters of the job requirements. Designing and building simple automation systems or applying of sophistication to solve specific productivity problems.

    Business today operates in a no-nonsense environment, and you face heavy demands. The Sterling Companies are equipped to help you master those challenges by providing practical effective solutions tailored to your exact needs. As a Sterling client, all this equipment -- all this facility -- is focused to design and build the automation you need. That’s a fact!

    Over Forty years ago, Sterling pioneered a tradition built on automation, engineering integrity, product quality, manufacturing expertise and service to its customers. In these four decades, more than 800 Sterling industrial robotic and automation systems have performing cost-effectively for the plastics and rubber industries worldwide.

    Sterling's history traces back to 1942 when the company was founded to produce dies and special tooling. By 1963, Sterling Engineering & Manufacturing Company had earned an enviable reputation as a designer and builder of automation systems for the plastics, rubber and metal working industries. Many innovative automated units ranging from simple to the sophisticated were soon to follow.

    Today, highly efficient robotic systems such as the versatile Model U Robotarm,the space-saving Topper Robotarm and the outstanding System II Robotarm control that can be adapted to any Sterling unit are just three product of the company's multi-product lines. These cost-effective units have contributed significantly to making Sterling a leading producer in the fast-growing world of robotically-actuated manufacturing.

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