Induction Heating

Step Lively, Please

Induction Heating

Customer A needs 100,000 units - ASAP, please. Customer B figures his first delivery of 500 samples will land a big contract, but only if he can ship them in a hurry. Who gets the priority? Both,thanks to a new Sterling automated system.

The approach lets you handle special orders as easily as large-volume production. You can insert short runs into ongoing production without missing a beat. The process uses a unique transfer cart which transfers the parts to each work station.

This system is used to produce plastic wheels in a variety of designs molded onto standard steel rims. All the carts can carry identical molds. A sensor identifies the specific mold on each cart and adjusts production parameters as needed. Sound Good? Call us for details. Then phone Customer A and Customer B to tell them the good news. They’ll be impressed.

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