About Us
Design & Mfr. Special Machines & Automated Robotic Handling Systems. Integration Of High Technology To Existing Systems. Automated Materials Handling, Automated & Semi-Automated Assembling. Automated Gauging, Sorting & Weighing.

Sterling Detroit Company

• Automated materials handling
• Automated and semi-automated assembly
• Automated machine loading and unloading
• Robotic systems for forging, die-casting, injection-molding, SMC
• Automated gauging, sorting, and weighing

Sterling Systems

• Specialists in industrial heat-treatment equipment
• Furnace modernization and upgrading to “state-of-the-art” safety
• Conversions and rebuilds
• Re-engineering and upgrading using previously owned equipment
• Consultation for new and existing systems
• Analysis of existing heat-treat plants or systems
• Quench systems
• Bid analysis

Sterling Technologies Group

• Foam in place gasketing systems
• Factory automation systems
• Advanced technology systems
• Turn-key application systems

Sterling Engineering & Mfg. Company

• Engineering services
• Assembly machines
• Transfer machines
• Special machines
• Product design
• System design