Automotive Steering

Sink Your Teeth Into This

Automotive Steering Automation

A division of a Big Three automotive manufacturer realized its workers were only human. The process of hardening automotive steering rack teeth required orienting and inserting each part very precisely. The company asked Sterling to automate the process.

We developed a system that incorporates a power supply, tuning station, input transformer, machine controls and mist collector. When a part is loaded the cycle starts, and the part is aligned automatically by a cylinder. In fact, the machine actually works better if the part is slightly misaligned. The machine aligns it precisely.

Then the part is contacted by two beryllium-copper contacts, and high-frequency current passes through the part. The proximity of the part near a copper guide ensures current flows into the part exactly where wanted.

The machine even earns an A in language. When used in Mexico, the programmable logic control offers readouts in Spanish. Chew on this a while. Then call us for more information. Odds are we can take a bite out of your production problems, too.

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