Manufacturing Processes

A Solid History of Performance

Sterling designs, manufactures and installs factory automation systems.

We have been in business since 1942. We were founded to produce special tools, fixtures and machines. We gained a solid reputation for innovative solutions to production problems. You can be confident buying from us. We’re an experienced substantial company. As your business and automation requirements expand, we’ll be there with new solutions compatible to what you purchase from us today. We design and build our systems in the United States. Our employees have years of experience in statistical process control, electrical controls, forging, machine tools, die casting, injection molding and other manufacturing specialties.

No Canned Solutions

Our primary goal is to present fresh solutions to our customer’s needs. We use industry proven Sterling building blocks in the systems we design. Your company and products are unique. We design our customized solutions to your specific manufacturing requirements.

We have the ability to see a situation through your eyes and concentrate on meeting your needs with the most cost effective solution. We know that if we take care of you, our success will follow.

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