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The Model U Robotarm®

Programmed for success
Cost effective operation. Dependability. Low maintenance. Versatility. Get all that - and more - with the Sterling Model U Robotarm. For 20 years the Robotarm has proven it can deliver all you demand. Face the future with confidence, knowing the Robotarm will meet each new challenge. Insist on top performance tomorrow as well as today, and you'll pick the Sterling Robotarm.

Model U Robot Arm

The Robotarm is designed for thousands of maintenance-free cycles. It extracts shots from a die casting machine and either deposits them into a quench tank or positions them for the next operation such as trimming. With six (6) axes of movement - extension, cross travel (trinary), swivel, rotate (wrist) and inspection - Robotarms are versatile. All movements are hydraulically actuated. When required, any single axis or combination of axes can be servo controlled.

The standard hydraulic toggle gripper head is mounted to the square telescoping tubular arm. Standard Robotarms have a reach up to 78.0 inches and can carry 150 pounds. Robotarms with greater stroke and higher weight carrying capacities are available.

Custom is standard at Sterling . We can easily modify the Robotarm's operating format to suit your specific requirements.Sterling 's network of technically qualified sales engineers enables us to respond quickly to your specific applications. With over 40 years of experience and service to die casters, a Sterling proposal will present a practical, cost-effective solution.

Horizontal Trim Press

The hydraulically-operated Sterling horizontal trim press is designed to trim die castings and offers a choice of either safe manual part loading or loading by a robot. The press design also provides a low-force nesting stroke, followed by a high-force trimming stroke. The low-force closing is adjustable to within 1/16 in. of the start of the high-force trim stroke. Improper nesting of the casting results in abnormal resistance and causes the press to stall. Operated by a foot switch, a unique shot capture mechanism attached to a Sterling shuttle unit securely and accurately "captures" a part on 600 angle holding cones cast integral on the die casting or runner system.

Horizontal Trim Press

Because of a designed-in safety feature, the operator must remove both hands from the part and depress cycle buttons on the unit's console to transfer the part laterally into the die space. This hands-out-of-die loading concepts affords an exceptionally high degree of injury protection over conventional trim presses.

Two Cycle Selector Switch Two cycle-selector switches on the unit's convenient console provide either manual control of all functions or programming by a robot in conjunction with the unit.

The press is equipped with two cycle-selector switches. One is for automatic cycling sequences with a robot programmed to initiate and control all machine functions; or for manual cycling by an operator from the unit's console. A second selector switch governs a set-up and run mode which allows jogging of both platens for full press travel or to make a complete machine cycle when the advance pushbutton is depressed.

Automatic ejection of trimmed parts from the die is by means of positive knock-outs in the platen. Parts then fall through the open press bottom onto a user-furnished conveyor. Cycle time for the press, whether manually or robot controlled, will respond to the production rate of any die casting

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