Sheet Molding Compound

Meeting Your Needs

Sheet Molding Compound

Our list of clients includes a lot of names you'll recognize - for example, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, IBM, Rockwell, Eaton, Masco, Federal-Mogul and the United States government.

It also includes many smaller firms.

The point is, we have the know - how to meet the needs of corporate giants We've also repeatedly helped smaller firms just beginning to adapt today's technology to their manufacturing operations.

As far as we're concerned, there's no such thing as an "average" manufacturer. Therefore, there are no "average" solutions.

We Believe in a Systems Approach

The most sophisticated robot or other automation is just a collection of metal and wire unless it fits smoothly into your existing production flow.

After all, if a robot is twice as fast as the equipment upstream or downstream, that speed becomes useless.

It seems like pretty basic observation. But a lot of manufacturers - and their automation suppliers - overlook that simple fact.

We analyze your entire operation. We don't just consider how to handle the parts you produce. We also evaluate how to incorporate gaging with statistical process control and other equally sophisticated approaches.

We work to keep as much of your existing equipment as possible, and we don't develop more equipment than you need. If a basic $ 25,000.00 pick-and-place robot can handle the job, we won't recommend a $ 100,000.00 unit. Our philosophy:
Keep it simple.
Analyze what is appropriate and affordable for each customer.

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